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The Top Strip Club List

Asian Twerk Queen is obviously an Asian model who loves to twerk her butt. Truth is we need more Asian women twerking their asses in this world, but the facts are, there just ain’t too many of them. There could be many reasons for this, but nevertheless, we appreciate what Asian Twerk Queen is bringing to the table. We first saw her at some car shows where she was a model, and later on we saw her on Instagram. She was pretty new back then and she really was about making them twerk videos on her Instagram. First thing you will notice about Asian Twerk Queen is that she appears to be tall on her videos and she has some very sexy legs. In fact, her legs may be the sexiest part of her body. Asian Twerk Queen seems to be expanding her base as we see she now has a YouTube channel with several hundred thousand followers! Congrats! Asian Twerk Queen does a lot of clothing hauls on her channel. For you newbies, that’s when hot chics film themselves trying on clothes that they get from retailers like FashionNova. In theory, they do this for other women, but the reality is mostly men follow these type of channels. And why not, Asian Twerk Queen does look pretty damn hot, so why wouldn’t any man subscribe to her channel. Her twerking is a bad idea on YouTube anyways, it will only get her account banned. There is no bio info online about Asian Twerk Queen but we believe she is on the west coast in the United States. Check back later for more on ATQ!

Asian Twerk Queen