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Chanice Loveit is a top Black Instagram model who enjoys glamorous photo shoot and hooping with grown men. Chanice Loveit brings something to the table we don’t see every day. A woman who can be as sexy as she wants to be and still handle her business on the basketball court. At first glance you might think Chanice Loveit’s basketball videos are staged. But if you are really paying attention Chanice Loveit has some serious ball handling skills and a great fall away jump shot. After she hit that shot with her back turned to the basket from the top of the key, I was like she is no joke. Clearly she loves hooping which makes her a unique women. Imagine, you got the baddest chic in the neighborhood and she can beat you in a game of H-O-R-S-E. LOL. Yep Chanice Loveit is a one of a kind!

Chanice Loveit