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Delianna Urena is a top Latina Instagram model and bartender from the New York City area. Her birth sign is Libra. If you live in New York City you understand that a lot of the stripclubs have what’s known as “Startenders,” which are bartenders, mostly Dominican, who have the most insane bodies you have ever seen. Delianna Urena is most definitely one of the baddest of these startenders. Now we don’t know if the lovely Delianna Urena is Dominican, but we do know she is a certified dyme. Due to the corona virus situation in NYC, the stripclubs seem to be done, but no doubt a woman Delianna Urena will always have options. Hopefully things return to normal soon so we can all get back to the club and see beautiful women like Delianna Urena in person. She is unforgettable.

Delianna Urena