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The Top Strip Club List

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The Top Strip Club List

Irene The Dream is a top Black Instagram model who is originally from Pensacola, Florida and would later reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m guessing, but she probably never wears the same outfit twice. She may not even wear the same outfit for longer than a few hours because she has taken so many hot pics, wearing so much sexy gear, that it’s all just become a blur in my mind. LOL. Yep, Irene The Dream has taken the fashion thing to a whole new level. Other models probably just look at her Instagram and say, “damn that’s a bad bytch, but mama slow down, you making it hard for us regular chic's.” LOL. Enough about fashion, lets get down to the real reason why we love Irene The Dream, HER BODY IS CRAZY! Big tits, big ass, small waist, pretty face and of course that sexy ass walk, is enough to keep you entertained for hours. Sometimes I’m not sure if model’s like Irene The Dream realize that a lot of their followers spend their free time FAPING to their videos and pics, but we both know that’s the cold hearted reality of the modeling game. Now recently Irene The Dream switched lanes and started doing the rap thing. Maybe she was influenced by being featured in music videos by Ludacris and Shawty Lo. Or maybe she always wanted to be a rapper. Either way, Irene The Dream is pretty damn good at whatever she sets her mind to do. She’s a BOSS, who sets trend and creates her own lane, so I’m confident she will take rappin to the next level too.

Irene The Dream