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The Top Strip Club List

Lala Koi is a top thick Black Instagram model who loves showing fans her big booty. Lala Koi is may be your dream big booty model. If you like women who love showing you their ass in motion 24/7 then Lala Koi is your girl. Most of her promo videos are of her walking around in spandex pants and booty shorts. Her ass in motion is a thing of beauty. The question is, can you have too much of a good thing? Can you ever get tired of seeing a huge ass like Lala Koi’s walking around in skin tight clothing?. Apparently the answer is NO!! As long as the model has on a brand new outfits, it might as well be a brand new woman! If you ever wondered why women are so obsessed with their clothing, that’s the reason. They know instinctively that men are easy to stimulate. Just put on something new and he’s yours for another 24 hours. LOL. Lala Koi has one of the roundest butts on Thickpedia and thank goodness she never gets tired of walking!

Lala Koi