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Duchess Clio is a top pawg Instagram model with the type of curves that real men love. When you hear the word “duchess” you immediately think of royalty, of kings and queens, and Duchess Clio definitely brings forth that type of energy. Little is known about her other than her obviously amazing curves. Duchess Clio has some very wide hips and a tiny lil waist that commands attention. No doubt if you were walking down a busy street with Duchess Clio and she was rockin one those sexy dresses she is known to wear, all eyes would be on her. Now some may put Duchess Clio in the MILF category and in 2020 there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Other women can only wish they looks a good as her, when the get to that mysterious MILF age. Technically you could be 21 and be a MILF. LOL.

Duchess Clio