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The Top Strip Club List

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The Top Strip Club List

Miho Fuji aka Mihoimi is a top thick Asian Instagram model from Japan. Miho Fuji is one of those rare thick Japanese women that we don’t see every day. She says she wasn’t always thick, but her body started to transform when she was around 13 years old. While she was living in Japan being thick was hard. Apparently thick women are not appreciated in Japanese culture so Miho Fuji got no love over there. Then she moved to Los Angeles California everything started change. She started getting compliments from people about her thickness and she was stunned. Miho Fuji quickly realized that the culture is different in America. She came to America to pursue her career in acting, especially comedy. Of course it’s not easy getting acting gigs when you’re curvy, especially when you are Asian. Miho Fuji is one of the thickest Asian models we have ever seen and she has some of the sexiest legs and thickest thighs you will ever see on an Asian woman. We appreciate Miho Fuji!

Miho Fuji (Mihoimi)